- Clients

Flash Clients you can use to Connect to Sin-Clan

Vampire - 1680x1050-1400x1050-1280x960

Barbwire - 1680x1050-1400x1050-1280x960

HellSing - 1680x1050-1400x1050-1280x960

Kitty - 1680x1050-1400x1050-1280x960

Whale - 1680x1050- Fairy 1 - 1680x1050- Fairy 2 - 1680x1050

BlOOD - 1680x1050- Game - 1680x1050- WOW - 1680x1050

Skull - 1680x1050- Love - 1680x1050- Sonic - 1680x1050

If you Get this Error :

Flash policy problem. If you are the server owner, please read http:xxxxxx.xxxxxx.xxxx.

You need to install a flash policy daemon at (port 843).

Well It Is Installed So..


So Just click the Refresh button in your browser and it will work.This is a glitch we are working on.